Authentic Devil's Cut Whiskey Stave Vacuum Smoker Single

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Looking to make smoked cocktails people can't stop talking about? 

Introducing the most authentic whiskey and cocktail smoker available.

Made entirely of authentic Devil's cut bourbon barrel oak staves to create our incredible vacuum smokers and smoking shavings.
You can see the years of bourbon saturation in each handcrafted oak piece from aging over the years in the oak barrel.

All our barrel oak has held bourbon for years causing a delicious bourbon saturation in every piece. This is true devil's cut oak.

Our shavings are from the same repurposed authentic bourbon barrel oak with years of bourbon saturation and infusion into the wood.
Be prepared to have the most tasty and authentic smoked beverage on the market. 
The years of bourbon saturation in the shavings gives each smoked beverage a delicious toasted caramel finish within 5 seconds after the swallow. This simply elevates whatever your drink of choice is and always gives it a smoother finish as well. 
So many people are amazed at not only the delicious flavor, but the way it soothes out the drink allowing for little to no bite resulting in the best smoked drink you've ever tasted 
From start to finish, our authentic devil's cut barrel smoker takes under 60 seconds and will have your friends amazed and wanting more.
Don't be fooled- all the other smokers use only raw oak or other wood types leaving only a smoky camp-fire flavor. 
Once you try devil's cut oak with that perfect toasted caramel finish, you will never want to go back to the others !!
***Glassware Not Included**

Smoker Set Basic- Includes 2 pc Devil's Cut Oak Vacuum Smoker + Large Bag of Devil's Cut Oak Smoking Shavings

Additional Devils Cut Shavings -  Large Bag of Devil's Cut Oak Smoking Shavings 
*Each piece is unique; we achieve this by leaving all the imperfections that come with the barrels.  This adds to their charm and keeps them authentic. Products will vary from pictures shown.*