Blank Round Tray - Bourbon Barrel Head Tray with Cast Iron Handles

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The whiskey barrel heads and bourbon barrel heads used to craft our one-of-a-kind lazy Susan's and trays came to our workshop straight from the distillery, where they recently finished aging one of your favorite spirits. These add an authentic piece of the Kentucky Bourbon Belt to your family's table, and are a must for any whiskey or bourbon lover. It comes out of the box ready to use without any assembly or installation needed. We use food safe raw linseed oil to treat the oak wood so that the piece is food safe and ready to be used immediately. This is the same treatment used for butcher blocks. To clean simply spot clean with warm water and soap.

Color: Natural

Finish: Raw Linseed Oil

*Each piece is unique; we achieve this by leaving all the imperfections that come with the barrels.  This adds to their charm and keeps them authentic. Products will vary from pictures shown.*