Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan with Double Metal Ring

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Our luxurious rustic Lazy Susan rotates at a smooth easy glide touch so it’s easy to display and serve delicious bites and desserts at the table.  The restored original metal band is kept around the barrel head to give our lazy Susan extra detail and personality to show off its individuality. We use only the finest quality in stain and raw linseed oil to allow safe food handling and use on our luxurious lazy Susan

Made of a retired repurposed authentic oak wine barrel with the original restored galvanized iron band. Our heirloom quality lazy Susan will be the “talk of the table”. Everyone will ask and comment on the amazing quality and look of your history filled wine barrel head lazy Susan. 

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan With Double Metal Ring - Large 24x4

*Each piece is unique; we achieve this by leaving all the imperfections that come with the barrels.  This adds to their charm and keeps them authentic. Products will vary from pictures shown.*