Coolaid Cooling Vests for Dogs XL, 2XL, 3XL

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Coolaid's cooling vests are excellent for dogs on the run!! We have designed our vests to allow for greater movement through the shoulder area while playing or working. There are no buckles to fasten or straps to attach. Simply just wet the vest, wring out the excess water, shake, slide the vest over the head and pull the front legs through the large leg holes. Super easy! If more cooling is needed, just repeat the process!!
Remember, Coolaid products can start cooling with any temperature of water, so if you have that warm bottle of water in the car, use it!!!
X-Large     Neck 22" Girth 30" Length 23"
2X-Large   Neck 26" Girth 34" Length 26"
3X-Large   Neck 30" Girth 38" Length 30"